Nigel Adams

Nigel graduated with an Honours Degree in Chemistry at University College, London. He has 30 years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of settings, starting as a Research & Development Chemist at Roche (Welwyn). Following this introduction to the industry he moved to Resolution Chemicals Ltd (an affiliate of Generics UK) and occupied a number of roles (Development Chemist; Development Manager; Technical Manager) involved with process research & development, scale-up and manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for commercial supply. Following the acquisition of the Stevenage facility by Chiroscience, Nigel was appointed Site Operations Manager and was successful in obtaining site FDA approval for manufacture of Chirocaine® API. In 2001 Nigel became an Independent Consultant, and for several years provided CMC development, technical and quality assurance expertise to the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2005 Nigel joined Antisoma Research Limited, a leading UK based Biopharmaceutical Company. In his roles as Manager, Pharmaceutical Operations and Head of Pharmaceutical Operations Nigel was responsible for providing CMC technical expertise & leadership, management of contract manufacturing operations (APIs; sterile products) and technical and quality oversight of all activities associated with the development of a wide range of therapeutic entities (small molecules; antibodies; oligonucleotides). Nigel was instrumental in establishing robust commercially viable manufacturing processes for Antisoma's two recent leading Phase III clinical candidates: AS1404 (DMXAA) which was subject to a much publicised out-licensing deal with Novartis, and AS1413 (Amonafide L-Malate).

From such a wide variety of roles within the pharmaceutical industry Nigel has gained broad practical experience that can be applied to devise and optimise CMC development programmes. Nigel has excellent communication, leadership, technical writing skills and a proven record of success within the fields of research & development, manufacturing, technology transfer and process validation.