IRT Intelligence - Understanding and Harnessing the Power

Post date: Oct 16, 2011 1:18:56 PM

Evelyn Edwards (Clinical Supplies & IVRS Consultant) and Albert Chau (Data & Statistical Science Consultant) ran an evening seminar titled "IRT Intelligence - Understanding and Harnessing the Power" at the 9th Annual Informa Life Sciences Clinical Trials Supplies and Packaging Conference in Basel (10-11 October 2011).

Below you will find the slides from the evening seminar, as well as some notes we have put together during the seminar on interactive response technology (IRT).

We have also compiled a list of IVRS companies - the list is not exhaustive and these are companies we are aware of that provide IVRS/IWRS services for randomisation and/or inventory management in clinical trials.

Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Intelligence evening seminar presenters - Evelyn Edwards & Albert Chau